April 27, 2014

Pre-Birthday party!

I pulled an all-nighter last night! I WAS SO TIRED!!! So I got my sister and my roommate up at 6 am and one of my friends came and picked us up to take us to breakfast.  On our way to pick up my sweetheart, we hit a bird. I hate hitting animals of any sort on the road! This was the first one I witnessed and I wanted to cry!!! Poor little bird!  But anyways, we picked up my sweetheart and we went to Denny's.  We had a really fun birthday breakfast and we all laughed and talked a lot.  I love my friends!

So when I got home from Denny's, I took a nap.  I couldn't handle no sleep at all! So when I woke up in the early afternoon, I cleaned the house and then I got ready to go out for my birthday party with my man and my friends! :D

There were 8 of us in total and we all carpooled over to Chuckarama and ate tons of food! They also got me some presents.  It was rather fun to open them.  My roommate is an art major, so she drew a picture of me from the musical I starred in.  It is beautiful!!! I also got a pizza scented pillow, a watch, a pocket watch necklace, lots of candy, a beautiful necklace, and lots of laughs! We had such a blast!

When we finished at the restaurant, we went to my house and played games until 11:20 at night and laughed so hard that some of us were crying.  It was honestly one of the best nights ever!!!!!!!!

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